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The Crown Jewels Of India
( Golden Triangle )

Imagine a destination route that takes you through three of the most iconic and ancient cities of India. A trip of absolute amazement and discovery, and one which is at the pinnacle of Indian tourism.One of the beaten and well-explored trails of modern India. The Crown Jewels of India often known as Golden Triangle route covers Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

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The Crown Jewels Of India (Golden Triangle)

6 Night - 7 Days
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The Crown Jewels Of India (Golden Triangle)

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Crown Jewels Of India

Imagine a destination route that takes you through three of the most iconic and ancient cities of India. A trip of absolute amazement and discovery, and one which is at the pinnacle of Indian tourism.One of the beaten and well-explored trails of modern India.


The Crown Jewels of India often known as Golden Triangle route covers Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The three cities, on a map, form a roughly equilateral triangle each side a distance of 200 – 250km . And we begin with one of the best tour packages of Delhi, The capital city of India and an infusion of Islamic life with exquisiteness.


Behold, stunning Humayun’s Tomb! Designed by a Persian architect- Mirak Mirza Ghiyat. followed by Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. Did you ride segway before to explore places? Experience it in Delhi to discover a smooth gateway to Lutyen’s area in Delhi like India gate and Amar Jawan Jyoti. Visit Agra – The Epitome of Mughal, Marble and Marvel via the temple trails of Mathura and Vrindavan.


Agra- the iconic vertices of the Golden Triangle holds the most awe. Because this could be what drew you to India in the first place. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal as mesmerising in its beauty as it is significant in our heritage.


The last stretch of the journey unveils Jaipur – City of forts with hidden temples. The capital city of the Rajasthan. Discover the Old City with Hawa Mahal and the City Palace, Enjoy the best of the cuisines in the finest royal restaurants inside the palaces. Create a memory for the lifetime!


Itinerary :

Day 1


Arrival in Delhi, Local Discovery of Humayun’s Tomb, Isa Khan Tomb and Bangla Sahib

Welcome to India ! Meet our Dizkvr Experience Officer in Delhi in the morning and let him/her take you through to your 7 – day long trip. Recharge yourself to explore the “Little Taj Mahal” in Delhi – The Humayun Tomb. It’s an epitome of love by a wife to the husband and an inspiration for one of the seven wonders in the world – The ‘Taj Mahal’.
Followed by Isa Khan monument which is an asylum of paradise, was built during the reign of Islam Shah and recently restored. End the exploration of Humayun tomb complex by visiting the ‘Sunder Nursery’ recently restored with 16th – century monuments and is a perfect place for the history buffs as well. Sunder Nursery is a perfect setting for both nature and history.
In the last stretch of experience, move towards Bangla Sahib. Cleanse your soul at this place. It is one of the most prominent Sikh gurudwara. The history of this gurudwara dates back to the 17th century. Head towards your stay for dinner.


Discover local gems in Delhi with heritage segway tour, old delhi walk and Qutub Minar

Experience the early morning magnetic vibe of New Delhi on the Segway in vigorous captivity; but different ingredients like India Gate, Parliament House, scenic beauty surrounding the Ministry Buildings on Rajpath, various Government Buildings, Amar Jawan Jyoti and Rashtrapati Bhawan (subject to permission of security personnel).


Indulge in the magnificent breakfast at the hotel and post that experience the charm of Old Delhi – Chaotic but worth it. You can’t come to New Delhi without visiting “Old Delhi-the walled city”. Visit India’s largest mosque, built by Shah Jahan. Ride a cycle rickshaw from the Jama Masjid through the lanes and by – lanes of Chandi Chowk, the heart of Old Delhi.


Experience life in this part of Old Delhi, which is always on the move. Visit the spice market, food street etc. The ride will culminate at the historic Red Fort – Shah Jahan’s elegant citadel in red sandstone, built in the 17th century AD.


Visit the Red Fort from outside as you will visit Agra Fort in Agra, which is bigger than Red Fort and is also built by the same Mughal Emperor. Also visit the Raj Ghat, the memorial to the Father of the Nation. Head back to the hotel to enjoy your lunch and recharge yourself. Visit Qutub Minar – The Tallest Brick Minaret in the World post lunch. Head back to the hotel and relax. Have an early dinner to prepare for an early morning transit.


Day 3


Transfer to Agra via Mathura, local discovery at en-route Mathura

Prepare yourself in the early morning to experience the Krishna trail and explore Mathura like never before. Mathura is for Lord Krishna’s birthplace and then the place has adopted the special devote in the Indian history as well as in the Hindu Mythology.


Visit Srikrishna Janmbhum – the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Rang bhumi – where Lord Krishna has killed Kansa and freed his parents. Govind Deo Temple, Mathura Museum, Dwarka Dhish Temple and Radha Kund. Enjoy your Lunch at a local palace and satisfy your tastebuds with the ‘Brij’ delicacies to recharge as temples close at 12 noon. Head towards Vrindavan and visit Banke Bihari Temple – Lord Krishna’s idol in Bihari Ji temple is known as Thakur Ji.


The temple has faith that the eyes of the lord are very powerful. That is why Lord’s view is hidden behind the curtains and is opened and closed every few minutes. Prem Mandir – a holy playground of Lord Krishna. The Mandir Prangan features a circumambulation route that allows the visitors to have a spectacular view of the 48 panels that depict the life and love of Shri Radha Krishna.


Iskcon temple – Enter this 1975 built temple, its domes and flooring carved in white marble, and the second thing you’ll notice after its grandiose, is the impeccable hygiene in the temple. At the open hall outside the sanctum sanatorium, a number of foreigners and Indians wearing saffron and white clothes are enjoying the high of Hare Rama Hare Krishna kirtan that goes on for 24 hours a day, Seva Kunj – Seva Kunj is a garden of countless basil trees.


Basil or Tulsi, is favourite to Lord Krishna and so is the garden dedicated to him, Nidhivan – This is a place where Lord Krishna used to rest with his beloved Radha. Because of some traditional beliefs, visitors are not allowed here after sunset, Pagal Baba Mandir – an amazing structure made of white marble. This 10 – storey white marble temple, a fairy – tale – castle look alike, has an endearingly amateurish collection of animated puppets and dioramas on the ground floor, depicting scenes from the lives of Rama and Krishna. Leave at night and reach Agra for your stay. Relax in the luxurious environment of Oberoi.


Day 4


Taj Mahal sunrise Tour, Mughal heritage walk, Local village & more

Experience the sunrise tour of one of the Seven Wonders of World- The “Taj Mahal”. The inimitable poem in white marble was built over a period of 22 years, by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1630, for his Queen, Mumtaz Mahal to enshrine her mortal remains. Take a detour with a Mughal Heritage Walk Through Kachhpura Village conducted by villagers trained as tour guides.


A complete alternative perspective of Taj, visit Mahtab Bagh, situated directly opposite the monument and was actually built before the Taj, by Emperor Babur, fell into ruin but has been beautifully reconstructed, close-up view of the Taj Mahal for free by walking down the side road until you get to the river bank. Head back to the Hotel for breakfast. Post that, visit Agra Fort, the fort from where four generations of influential Mughal emperors ruled from and considered as first grand fort of the Mughals.


Visit Sheroes for lunch. Tucked away between trinket shops on Fatehabad Road is a groovy graffiti-filled cafe that’s a must-visit in Agra, staffed by women who are survivors of horrific acid attacks in India. Experience this special rural connection of Korai Village in Agra! You will get a chance to learn about clay pottery from the villagers. Experience how rural folks cook on mud stoves. Cycle down the streets of the village and witness how the food givers cultivate on the fields daily.


To experience the heart of Agra, head to the fascinating and congested Old City behind 17th century Jama Masjid mosque. Encounter a tangle of narrow lanes housing a startling variety of wares including spices, clothes, saris, jewellery, shoes, crafts and snack stalls. This area, known as Kinari Bazaar, can be quite overwhelming. Shop bags made up of leather from the local artisans from Sadar Bazar. Head back to Oberoi for dinner and prepare yourself for an early morning transit.


Day 5


Transfer to Jaipur, Discover Fatepur Sikhri en-route

After having early morning breakfast, set off for Jaipur. Visit Fatehpur Sikri – the magnificent fortified ancient city on the way. As per history, Akbar – The Mughal King visited the village of Sikri to consult the Sufi saint Shaikh Salim Chishti, who predicted the birth of an heir to the Mughal throne. When the prophecy came true, Akbar built his new capital here, including a stunning mosque, still in use today, and three palaces, one for each of his favourite wives – one a Hindu, one a Muslim and one a Christian.


Reach Jaipur at noon and check into the Oberoi Rajvilas. Delve into a quick lunch and prepare yourself to explore the Pink City. Start the exploration with Patrika Gate which is a trending place on social media and for good reason. The perfect symmetry and vibrant colours of the walkway make for a beautiful photo. It’s also a popular spot amongst other locals and photographers.


The gate is hand painted in a traditional style and perfectly showcases the characteristics of Rajasthan. Move towards Galta Ji temple dedicated to Lord Surya, the Hindu Sun God, is one of the most ancient holy pilgrimage centres in India. Galtaji has been a retreat for Hindu ascetics belonging to the Vaishnavite Ramanandi sect since the early 1500s. Squeezed between cliffs in a rocky valley, Galta is a desolate, if evocative, place.


The temple houses a number of sacred tanks, into which some daring souls jump from the adjacent cliffs. The water is claimed to be several elephants deep and fed from a spring that falls through the mouth of a sculpted cow.


Watch fascinatingly carved windows of the Palace of Winds, Hawa Mahal, light up with the sun. Designed by Lal Chand Ustad as a gallery from where ladies of the royal household could watch everyday life in the street. Get inside Jaipur’s sumptuous ‘Bar Palladio’ – a domestic destination to indulge in food, if you want to experience the opulence of Venice without compromising the personality and colours of Rajasthan.


Head towards the old city bazaar – Johari Bazaar, Tripolia Market to do the street shopping and buy Rajasthani souvenirs. For the dinner, move towards Chowki Dhani – full fledged, completely stuffed package of the cultural and traditional reflection of the region. head back to the hotel.


Day 6


Jal Mahal, City Palace , Themed Lunch and More

Wake up early to witness sunrise at Jal Mahal- the beautiful floating water palace. Once a bird watcher’s paradise, the lake was the preferred ground for the Rajput kings of the region for royal duck shooting parties during picnics. It was a natural habitat for more than 150 species of local and migratory birds that included large flamingo, great crested grebe, pintail, kestrel, etc, Head towards Oberoi for breakfast while you take a stop at Albert Museum Hall where hundreds of pigeons gather together in the morning and people feed them. Albert Hall Museum is the attraction for tourists because of its beautiful and magnificent architectural design. The pigeons around the Hall magnifies its beauty.


Head back to your stay to devour into a delicious breakfast, recharge yourself to unleash the pink city’s secrets. Discover the world’s largest sundial at the astronomical wonder at Jantar Mantar. You will be amazed to see the monumental astronomical instruments and the simplicity through which they have been designed to provide astronomical insights even with naked eyes. Adjacent to it is City Palace- A Royal Grandeur. It is a complex of palaces out of which only a few (Mubarak Mahal & Diwan – i – Aam) are open to the public as the royal family still resides in a part of the Palace (Chandra Mahal). Palace also houses two museums which display the artefacts and paintings from the royal family of Jaipur.


Experience an exotic lunch at the spiffy new restaurant inside City Palace that offers contemporary Rajasthani cuisine alongside continental dishes inspired by the region. In Baradari at the City Palace, however, both dishes are redefining the gastronomic vocabulary. It is a fitting tribute to the rich heritage and craftsmanship of several anonymous yet talented artisans. There is no better place to see Jaipur city in the lights of glorious sunset than gazing at it from the Nahargarh Fort. The scenes get even more magical at the time of sunset when the orange palace makes it golden. Bollywood enthusiasts scramble to see the points where Rang De Basanti, Jodha Akbar and other movies of note were shot. Head towards Hotel Oberoi for dinner.


Day 7


Amer Fort and more

Wake up and indulge into an ambrosial breakfast at Oberoi. Prepare yourself to depart for Delhi. Create beautiful memory and pictures while you take a stop at the step well known as Panna Meena ka Kund. Move towards the great and grand Amer fort. The capital of the erstwhile state of Jaipur until 1728. This fort is perched on a hill. it has a hall of Public and Private audience, a Sheesh Mahal (Palace of mirrors) various marble palaces which are marvellous examples of the medieval Rajput architecture.
Visit the Temple of Amba (Mother of Goddess), the patron deity of the Royal family is at the entrance to the palace. Enjoy a short elephant ride up to the fort on which the fort is situated. have lunch at 1156 Ad and reach Delhi in the evening. For the lunch, transport yourself back in time and bask in the glorious Rajasthani culture and dine like the Maharajas while losing yourself in the live music that compliments the appetizing food served hot and regal ! Head towards Delhi with the hardest of goodbyes and numerous beautiful memories and stories of the journey.


Assistance upon arrival and departure by Dizkvr Experience Officer.
Accommodation for total of 06 nights in a 5* accommodation on twin / double sharing basis in Oberoi Delhi, Agra & Jaipur
All transport for sightseeing and Intra city travel by premium AC vehicle throughout the tour.
A guided Segway tour in Delhi on Day 2 as per itinerary.
Cycle rickshaw ride during the tour of Old Delhi in Delhi as per itinerary.
Curated city walks in Old Delhi escorted by an experienced guide
Guided Heritage walk in Agra as per the itinerary
Guided tour to Korai village, a unique village experience.
Short Elephant ride during the excursion to Amber Fort in Jaipur as per the itinerary.
1 Lunch at (The Embassy) in Central Delhi on Day 2
1 Lunch at MVT Restaurant in Vrindavan on Day 3
1 lunch at Sheroes Cafe in Agra on Day 4
1 lunch at City Palace Baradari Restaurant on Day 6
1 Lunch at Cafe 1135 AD on Day 7
1 High Tea on Cafe Palladio in Jaipur on Day 5
Entrance Fees to the monuments and places of historical importance in Delhi
Entrance fees to Temples, place of historical importance in Mathura
Services of a locally appointed English speaking guide as per itinerary.
All inter-city travel by Premium AC vehicle
Includes inter-state tax, toll tax, passenger tax, parking charges
18% GST (Goods and Services Tax) as per Government Regulations


Any Rescue Service Expense during the tour.
Any Meals during the intra city road transfers.
Any personal expenses like alcohol drinks, bars and beverages, laundry, telephone, tips, donations, room service and any thing which is not included above in the cost of the itinerary.
Any cost arising out of Natural disaster, Political. Turmoil or Administrative decisions which are not under the control of DIZKVR INDIA will have to borne by the travellers."
Any cost of sudden increase in Permit/ Inner Line Permit cost will have to be borne by the travellers
Any Cost of Air Travel / Bus Travel / Train Travel to reach Delhi.
Any Cost of Air Travel / Bus Travel /Train Travel from Delhi to place of origin of the traveller.


  • The confirmation of the tour will be sent via a voucher at the time of booking of the tour.
  • A current valid passport is required on the day of travel.
  • You will get an English-speaking guide. If you need another language then kindly inform us in Special Requirements upon booking.
  • Assembly Point contact information will be found on your confirmation voucher.
  • Travelers should have a moderate physical fitness level
  • The duration of transfers are approximate. The exact duration will depend on the time of day and traffic conditions.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended
  • Per Person single piece of luggage is recommended
  • All activities involving nature or subject to nature are bound by the weather conditions and are subjected to change
  • This Tour is not recommended for Pregnant Travellers
  • The Tour is not wheelchair accessible, for the same reach out to our team for custom itinerary.
  • This is Group tour and there will be other members in the group.
  • Range
    Dizkvr Signature Tour
  • Tour type
    Group Tour
  • Best time to visit
    August to April
  • Starting point
    Delhi Airport
  • Ending point:
    Delhi Airport
  • Departure dates
  • Hotels type
    Luxury Hotels & Resorts
  • Payment schedule
    50% Advance to book this tour
  • Local payments
  • Experience expert
    Yes, Escorted by an Expert
  • Experiences offered
    Heritage Walks, Ancient Archaeology Walks, Culinary Experience, Destination Dinners & themed lunches, Treasured city walks


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  • Less than 30 days prior to the departure date, 100% cancellation.
  • 30 - 45 days prior to the departure date 50% cancellation of the total amount of the tour.
  • 45 or more prior to the departure date 0% cancellation.
  • Cancellation amount is calculated as per total booking amount and not as per advance deposited.

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