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Within tourism destinations
The entire premise of our business is to market unique experiences that have a greater positive impact on the local communities, cultures and people visited. The experiences we market help create jobs for local people, greater income for local people and minimise negative impacts on cultures. All the unique and unseen experiences on our site increase the linkages to local enterprises, thereby increasing the multiplier effect of every 1 Rs spent by the tourist in the destination. We require all operators and accommodations listed on the site to provide travellers with information that helps sensitise them to local cultures and different ways of life.
Staff volunteering
In India, where our office is based, we are active members of our community. At least once a year, as a team, we spend a day volunteering for a local cause e.g. a local conservation project working in partnership with local people.
We encourage employees to volunteer their time in the community and offer them the chance to take half a day paid time per month during work hours in order to do so.
Charity donations


Eco Box is a fundraising mechanism that engages travellers to donate to tangible, vocational and sustainable eco system projects in India . It is the link between donor travellers and charitable projects.
We believe in the power of travel to change lives. Micro-donations from “Travellers” can help make a positive difference in Rural India ecosystem. The Donations gets utilised for voluntary works opted by Dizkvr Hospitality and the community of travellers in the Rural India Eco system.
How it Works 
Eco Box connect our travellers to projects run by established organisations so that they can help run and fund projects in destinations that they care about.
  • It starts with collecting micro payment of minimum INR 150 from the travellers as payments.
  • The donation goes directly to our Partners, trust and organisations putting their efforts to sustain the Rural India eco system.
  • These Micro payment will be shown as Donation to Organisation for charitable and vocational work in Rural India and will be Tax deducted in their personal tax returns.
Local suppliers
We have a policy of always using local suppliers wherever we can, so as to bring as much income to the local area as possible. We work with a locally based web developer, IT equipment supplier, usability/information architect, stationery supplier and cleaning company.


Within tourism destinations
We market unique experiences that are taking steps to actively reduce the negative impact of tourism on the local environment – this is integral to our business. Every experience on the site has been screened for its environmental criteria. In this regard, we are leading the way in tourism by bringing together in one place thousands of experiences that are helping to create innovative environmentally-friendly business solutions.
Office environmental, recycling and waste policy
We work under the principles of reduce, reuse then recycle. We are committed to continuous improvement in all areas within this policy and the education and training of all employees in environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities.
Paper: We commit to being a ‘paperless’ office except for essential documentation, and use both sides of the paper before recycling. Printed materials are kept to a minimum and our business cards, World Responsible Tourism Awards materials, etc are printed on recycled paper/card. Our business is 100 percent web-based. We only have one small printer and no photocopier.
Single use plastic: We are working with partners who are pioneers in using environmental friendly products and works extensively on eliminating plastic usage.
Recycling and composting: We recycle as many materials as possible including paper, cardboard, printer cartridges, cans, plastic and tetrapaks.


We are passionate about creating a place to work which is supportive, empowering, friendly, fun and which rewards excellence and loyalty. We offer staff flexible full-time and part-time working arrangements. We are committed to a good work/life balance for our staff. Staff are also encouraged to undertake courses as and when applicable.

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